A wall mirror may seem like a very basic piece of furniture but it can be very important as it can enhance the home decor while being functional. After doing a lot of research, as there is a wide range of wall mirrors on the market, I found the ones which in my opinion are the best decorative mirrors for living room walls.


How did I choose my favorite five ones?

First of all, I tried to imagine each one in my living room. Would they look good? Are they a good fit for the general decor? I also didn’t want very big mirrors to become part of the background as my living room is large enough so I don’t need them to make the space look larger. I wanted medium size ones to be used as accents, although someone my choices would become a focal point of my living room, because of their frame.


Last but not least I considered reviews of previous customers to take into account the quality of the mirrors and discard any type of problems.

Coaster Home Furnishings 901806 Mirror

I loved this one. It is a beautiful, quality mirror. Its dimensions are 31.5 x 31.5 x 3.5 inches. It has a raised frame that gives it a very interesting look and fits almost any living room decor, which was one of my requirements to be included in this list.


Abbyson Pacific Decorative Round Wall Mirror

This Round Wall Mirror would be a better choice if you prefer a round one. It is made of glass and wood and it comes in silver color. It has 35.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep. I find it has a certain similarity with the previous one, only left this as the second one because I prefer rectangle mirrors.


23-inch Jon Allen Metal Round Decorative Wall Mounted Mirror

This one is called a mirror, but it can be considered a piece of art. The overall diameter of this one is 23 inches, but the decorative blue frame made of aluminum is 6 inches wide. What I like most about this mirror is that it floats one inch off the wall which gives it a different touch.


Set of 3 Black and Gold Framed Convex Fish Eye Wall Mirrors

This mirror is in fact a group of 3 round 14-inch diameter mirrors. They are made of plastic and glass and have a porthole design. They fit perfectly in any living room and I have seen this type of mirror in lobbies and waiting for areas too.


Safavieh Home Collection Sunburst Decorative Wall Mirror

Although I left this one as my fifth choice, if you want a mirror to be a focal point of your living room, this could be your first choice. The middle mirror is small but the sun’s rays are long. The diameter of the central mirror is 8 inches but the overall diameter is almost 41 inches.

A good place to put one is over a fireplace.