Water is an essential human need. Each person on Earth needs at least 20 to 50 liters per day for drinking, cleaning, and cooking. Polluted water isn’t just filthy, it’s also deadly. Polluted water contains harmful contaminants that cause deadly diseases. According to research 1.8 million people lost their lives every year due to diarrheal diseases like cholera. Education can be affected when sick children miss school. Economic opportunities are consistently lost to the impacts of extensive illness and the time-consuming processes of acquiring water where it is not readily available. So, it is essential to drink clean water. You can use small filters and purifiers for cleaning household drinking water. Brita standard replacement filters are one of the best water filters for home use as it clean toxic metals, odor, and other contaminants from water.

What are the Brita filters?

Brita is providing healthier and great taste water for over 25 years. All of Brita filters are BPA-free and reduce unpleasant odor and contaminants.

Why you should choose Brita filters for the pitcher and dispenser?

Here are the following reasons you should choose Brita filters for pitcher and dispenser:

1. Better Water

All Brita filters remove chlorine taste and odor, and long last, Faucet Mount filters remove 99% of lead. Use Brita filter for great-tasting water, mixing baby formula, brewing coffee, hydrating pets, and more.

2. Better value

The annual cost for Brita = 62$ for the pitcher. If you compare it with a water bottle which costs 450$ annually for 1800 bottles per year.

Annual cost for Brita = 24$ for bottle. If you compare it with a water bottle which costs 400$ annually for 1382 bottles per year.

Annual cost for Brita = 96.48 $ for faucet. If you compare it with a water bottle which costs 1034 $ annually for 3566 bottles per year.

3. Better health

What can water do for your mind and body?

  • Boosts alertness
  • Removes toxins
  • Energizes muscles
  • Jumpstarts metabolism
  • Aids digestion

4. Better world

Plastic waste has become a serious issue in the world. Plastic waste can be reduced if we drink filtered water instead of bottled. Just 2 long last filter can save 1,800 disposable bottles from landfills and oceans.

5. Long-lasting

Brita long last filters last 3x longer and Brita Standard filters last 2.5x longer than Zero Water filters. Brita long last filter can filter 120 gallons and can last up to 6 months. Brita standard filter can filter 40 gallons and can last up to 2 months. So it saves your money and provides the best quality water.

What do Brita filters remove?

  • Zinc
  • Chlorine
  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Copper
  • Lead

 About product

Product Dimensions 7 x 2.31 x 5.31 inches
Item Weight 12.8 ounces
Manufacturer Brita
ASIN B00004SU18
Item model number 35503

When you should change your Brita filter?

Change your Brita long last filter after 120 gallons or 6 months and Brita standard filter after 40 gallons or 2 months.


  • Remove contaminates
  • Remove toxic metals
  • Remove unpleasant odor
  • Make your health better
  • Certified System by WQA
  • Long-lasting, can be used up to 6 months
  • Doesn’t clog


Don’t work in a stream Can be clogged in a high concentration of contamination